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Dutch translation

May 23, 2013 at 3:10 PM
I've created a Dutch translation. I'm not quite sure how to add it to the project, so here's the resx.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    Microsoft ResX Schema 
    Version 2.0
    The primary goals of this format is to allow a simple XML format 
    that is mostly human readable. The generation and parsing of the 
    various data types are done through the TypeConverter classes 
    associated with the data types.
    ... headers & schema ...
    <resheader name="resmimetype">text/microsoft-resx</resheader>
    <resheader name="version">2.0</resheader>
    <resheader name="reader">System.Resources.ResXResourceReader, System.Windows.Forms, ...</resheader>
    <resheader name="writer">System.Resources.ResXResourceWriter, System.Windows.Forms, ...</resheader>
    <data name="Name1"><value>this is my long string</value><comment>this is a comment</comment></data>
    <data name="Color1" type="System.Drawing.Color, System.Drawing">Blue</data>
    <data name="Bitmap1" mimetype="application/">
        <value>[base64 mime encoded serialized .NET Framework object]</value>
    <data name="Icon1" type="System.Drawing.Icon, System.Drawing" mimetype="application/">
        <value>[base64 mime encoded string representing a byte array form of the .NET Framework object]</value>
        <comment>This is a comment</comment>
    There are any number of "resheader" rows that contain simple 
    name/value pairs.
    Each data row contains a name, and value. The row also contains a 
    type or mimetype. Type corresponds to a .NET class that support 
    text/value conversion through the TypeConverter architecture. 
    Classes that don't support this are serialized and stored with the 
    mimetype set.
    The mimetype is used for serialized objects, and tells the 
    ResXResourceReader how to depersist the object. This is currently not 
    extensible. For a given mimetype the value must be set accordingly:
    Note - application/ is the format 
    that the ResXResourceWriter will generate, however the reader can 
    read any of the formats listed below.
    mimetype: application/
    value   : The object must be serialized with 
            : System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.Binary.BinaryFormatter
            : and then encoded with base64 encoding.
    mimetype: application/
    value   : The object must be serialized with 
            : System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.Soap.SoapFormatter
            : and then encoded with base64 encoding.

    mimetype: application/
    value   : The object must be serialized into a byte array 
            : using a System.ComponentModel.TypeConverter
            : and then encoded with base64 encoding.
  <xsd:schema id="root" xmlns="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:msdata="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:xml-msdata">
    <xsd:import namespace="" />
    <xsd:element name="root" msdata:IsDataSet="true">
        <xsd:choice maxOccurs="unbounded">
          <xsd:element name="metadata">
                <xsd:element name="value" type="xsd:string" minOccurs="0" />
              <xsd:attribute name="name" use="required" type="xsd:string" />
              <xsd:attribute name="type" type="xsd:string" />
              <xsd:attribute name="mimetype" type="xsd:string" />
              <xsd:attribute ref="xml:space" />
          <xsd:element name="assembly">
              <xsd:attribute name="alias" type="xsd:string" />
              <xsd:attribute name="name" type="xsd:string" />
          <xsd:element name="data">
                <xsd:element name="value" type="xsd:string" minOccurs="0" msdata:Ordinal="1" />
                <xsd:element name="comment" type="xsd:string" minOccurs="0" msdata:Ordinal="2" />
              <xsd:attribute name="name" type="xsd:string" use="required" msdata:Ordinal="1" />
              <xsd:attribute name="type" type="xsd:string" msdata:Ordinal="3" />
              <xsd:attribute name="mimetype" type="xsd:string" msdata:Ordinal="4" />
              <xsd:attribute ref="xml:space" />
          <xsd:element name="resheader">
                <xsd:element name="value" type="xsd:string" minOccurs="0" msdata:Ordinal="1" />
              <xsd:attribute name="name" type="xsd:string" use="required" />
  <resheader name="resmimetype">
  <resheader name="version">
  <resheader name="reader">
    <value>System.Resources.ResXResourceReader, System.Windows.Forms, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089</value>
  <resheader name="writer">
    <value>System.Resources.ResXResourceWriter, System.Windows.Forms, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089</value>
  <data name="lgApply" xml:space="preserve">
  <data name="lgCancel" xml:space="preserve">
  <data name="lgConfiguration" xml:space="preserve">
  <data name="lgDefaultPropertiesConf" xml:space="preserve">
    <value>&lt;properties&gt;&lt;property adname='displayName' name='Nombre Completo' type='readonly' /&gt;&lt;property adname='thumbnailPhoto' name='Foto' type='image' /&gt;&lt;property adname='sn' name='Apellido' type='textbox' /&gt;&lt;property adname='givenName' name='Nombre' type='textbox' /&gt;&lt;property adname='manager' name='Gerente' type='person' /&gt;&lt;property adname='assistant' name='Asistente' type='person' /&gt;&lt;property adname='department' name='Servicio' type='listbox' values="TI;Recursos Humanos;Bio;Seguridad" /&gt;&lt;property adname='title' name='Título' type='textbox' /&gt;&lt;property adname='employeeType' name="Tipo de Empleado" type='dropdown' values='Técnico,tech;Gerente,mgr;Director,dir' /&gt;&lt;property adname='telephoneNumber' name='Número telefónico' type='textbox' /&gt;&lt;property adname='otherTelephone' name="Números telefónicos secundarios" type='multitextbox' values="4" /&gt;&lt;property adname='mobile' name='Móvil' type='textbox' /&gt;&lt;property adname='facsimileTelephoneNumber' name='Fax' type='textbox' /&gt;&lt;property adname='l' name='Ciudad' type='dropdown' values='New-York;Washington' /&gt;&lt;property adname='physicalDeliveryOfficeName' name='Oficina' type='textbox' /&gt;&lt;property adname='company' name='Empresa' type='textbox' /&gt;&lt;property adname='accountExpires' name='Fecha de expiración' type='date' /&gt;&lt;property adname='extensionCustomAttribute1' name=Certificaciones" type='checkboxlist' values='Cisco,CIS;Microsoft,MIC;Oracle,ORA' /&gt;&lt;/properties&gt;</value>
  <data name="lgDomainControllers" xml:space="preserve">
    <value>Active Directory Controller(s)</value>
  <data name="lgEditCancelled" xml:space="preserve">
    <value>Bewerken is geannuleerd!</value>
  <data name="lgPropertiesDefinition" xml:space="preserve">
    <value>Gebuiker eigenschappen</value>
  <data name="lgSelectUserToEdit" xml:space="preserve">
    <value>Selecteer een gebruiker om aan te passen</value>
  <data name="lgSelfService" xml:space="preserve">
    <value>Alleen huidige gebruiker aanpassen</value>
  <data name="lgUserFound" xml:space="preserve">
    <value>Gebruiker gevonden!</value>
  <data name="lgUserNotFound" xml:space="preserve">
    <value>Gebruiker niet gevonden!</value>
  <data name="lgUserNotSelected" xml:space="preserve">
    <value>Voer a.u.b. een correcte naam in!</value>
  <data name="lgUserSelection" xml:space="preserve">
    <value>Gebruiker selectie</value>
  <data name="lgUserUpdated" xml:space="preserve">
    <value>Profiel is geüpdatet! (24u om te syncen met SharePoint)</value>
  <data name="lgValidate" xml:space="preserve">
  <data name="WebPartDescription" xml:space="preserve">
    <value>Webpart that allows to easily modify any profile property of any person in Active Directory. (version 2.1.0)</value>
  <data name="lgClear" xml:space="preserve">
  <data name="lgImgConstraints" xml:space="preserve">
    <value>(Max. 2 Mb, alleen JPEG afbeeldingen, wordt verkleind naar 128px bij 128px)</value>
  <data name="lgImgTooLarge" xml:space="preserve">
    <value>De afbeelding is te groot (groter dan 2MB)</value>
  <data name="lgImgWrongFormat" xml:space="preserve">
    <value>Fout afbeeldingsformaat:</value>
May 25, 2013 at 1:24 AM
Great! Thanks a lot!
I'm integrating it in the next version.

May 25, 2013 at 10:31 AM
Edited May 25, 2013 at 10:33 AM

Could you complete these translations please, so I can put your translation in the next update:

"Active Directory Controller(s)" => ?
"Webpart that allows to easily modify any profile property of any person in Active Directory. (version 2.1.0)" => ?

And also the names and values for the default configuration:
<property adname='displayName' name='Full Name' type='readonly' />
<property adname='thumbnailPhoto' name='Photo' type='image' />
<property adname='sn' name='Last Name' type='textbox' />
<property adname='givenName' name='First Name' type='textbox' />
<property adname='manager' name='Manager' type='person' />
<property adname='assistant' name='Assistant' type='person' />
<property adname='department' name='Service' type='listbox' values="IT;Human Resources;Bio;Security" />
<property adname='title' name='Title' type='textbox' />
<property adname='employeeType' name="Employee Type" type='dropdown' values='Technician,tech;Manager,mgr;Director,dir' />
<property adname='telephoneNumber' name='Telephone number' type='textbox' />
<property adname='otherTelephone' name="Other phone numbers" type='multitextbox' values="4" />
<property adname='mobile' name='Mobile' type='textbox' />
<property adname='facsimileTelephoneNumber' name='Fax' type='textbox' />
<property adname='l' name='Town' type='dropdown' values='New-York;Washington' />
<property adname='physicalDeliveryOfficeName' name='Office' type='textbox' />
<property adname='company' name='Company' type='textbox' />
<property adname='accountExpires' name='End of contract' type='date' />
<property adname='extensionCustomAttribute1' name="Certifications" type='checkboxlist' values='Cisco,CIS;Microsoft,MIC;Oracle,ORA' />
Thanks a lot!

May 27, 2013 at 8:28 AM
"Active Directory Controller(s)" => I kept this one thesame... We're an IT company and use this name internally. I guess most of the companies do. Controller is a dutch verb as well, Active Directory has no Dutch translation as far as I know.

"Webpart that allows to easily modify any profile property of any person in Active Directory. (version 2.1.0)" =>"Webpart waarmee men eenvoudig elke profieloptie van elke persoon in Active Directory kan aanpassen (versie 2.1.0)."
<property adname='displayName'                  name='Volledige naam'                type='readonly' />
<property adname='thumbnailPhoto'               name='Foto'                    type='image' />
<property adname='sn'                           name='Achternaam'                type='textbox' />
<property adname='givenName'                    name='Voornaam'               type='textbox' />
<property adname='manager'                      name='Manager'                  type='person' />
<property adname='assistant'                    name='Assistent'                type='person' />
<property adname='department'                   name='Afdeling'                  type='listbox'          values='IT;Human Resources;Bio;Security' />
<property adname='title'                        name='Titel'                    type='textbox' />
<property adname='employeeType'                 name='Type werknemer'            type='dropdown'             values='Technician,tech;Manager,mgr;Director,dir' />
<property adname='telephoneNumber'              name='Telefoonnummer'         type='textbox' />
<property adname='otherTelephone'               name='Andere telefoonnummers'      type='multitextbox'         values='4' />
<property adname='mobile'                       name='Mobiel'                   type='textbox' />
<property adname='facsimileTelephoneNumber'     name='Fax'                      type='textbox' />
<property adname='l'                            name='Plaats'                     type='dropdown'             values='New-York;Washington' />
<property adname='physicalDeliveryOfficeName'   name='Kantoor'                   type='textbox' />
<property adname='company'                      name='Bedrijf'                  type='textbox' />
<property adname='accountExpires'               name='Einde van contract'          type='date' />
<property adname='extensionCustomAttribute1'    name='Certificeringen'           type='checkboxlist'         values='Cisco,CIS;Microsoft,MIC;Oracle,ORA' />
May 28, 2013 at 2:32 AM
Edited May 28, 2013 at 3:18 AM
Thanks! One last bit and we're good to go, as it was added in the last version:

AD User Editor needs to be configured => AD User Editor moet worden geconfigureerd

Is it correct?
May 28, 2013 at 8:27 AM
AlexisNomine wrote:
Thanks! One last bit and we're good to go, as it was added in the last version:

AD User Editor needs to be configured => AD User Editor moet worden geconfigureerd

Is it correct?
May 28, 2013 at 11:41 AM
So google Translation works sometimes :D

Here it is, with a few bug fixes as a bonus!