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AD User Editor is a WebPart for SharePoint 2010 & MOSS 2007 to easily edit any user profile attribute in Active Directory trough an entirely customizable form.

  • Nearly Any Active Directory attribute can be edited trough this webpart
  • Edit form entirely customizable via XML configuration (nothing "hard-coded")
  • 9 field types: Photo (upload & resize), Read-Only, Single TextBox, Multiple TextBox, DropDownList (with preset values), ListBox (with preset values), People Picker, Date Picker, Checkboxes (with preset values, multivalued)
  • Multi-domain compatible
  • SharePoint form "look & feel"
  • 2 edit modes: Self-service or user picker
  • Available for Sharepoint 2010 in multilanguage version (EN, FR, ES, NL, DE)
  • Still available for MOSS 2007 in English, Spanish and French (Without photo, checkboxes & multi-textbox fields)

Additional informations and installation manual are available here (French & English).

Warning: This tool modify data in Active Directory. Be careful setting the user access rights. It has been tested and verified, but I cannot be held responsible for any loss of data - use at your own risk.


Feel free to send any constructive comment to help me making it even better.


  • 2.1.4:
    • Self service authentication change from "System.Security.Principal.WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent().Name" to "SPContext.Current.Web.CurrentUser.LoginName"
    • Fix typo in default german and spanish default configuration causing errors with xml parsing
  • 2.1.3:
    • German translation, thanks to Danuueel
  • 2.1.2:
    • Dutch translation, thanks to maarteng
  • 2.1.1:
    • displayName instead of distinguishedName (CN=xxx,DC=xxx) in read only fields like "manager"
    • read only field can now display multiple values
    • no more exception trying to display errors (sic)
    • message displayed when webpart hasn't yet been configured
    • having multiple multitextbox fields is now possible
  • 2.1.0:
    • image field type (image upload resizing & cropping to 128x128px, jpg only)
    • new field types for multivalued attributes: checkboxlist, multi-textbox
  • 2.0.1:
    • compatibility with SP2010 "claims based authentication" (strips 'i:0#.w|' from the username)
    • meaningful error message if required domain missing from xml config (instead of keyNotFoundException)
    • auto uppercase domain NetBios name (-> less config errors)
    • better "person field" handling ('DOMAIN\username' instead of just 'username' when filling the field)
    • edit form now with the current theme style
  • 2.0.0:
    • Now for SharePoint 2010 !
    • Multilingual: English, French and Spanish.
  • 1.1:
    • NEW: "readonly" field type added
    • bugfix: no more editing config in personal view
    • bugfix: no more need to add empty "values" attribute in xml config
    • bugfix: no more "user found" message in self-service mode
  • 1.0.1:
    • bugfix: solved issue with "person" field type
    • now available in Spanish, thanks to Gaston Schab!


I picked a lot of infos and get inspirated by some bits of source code googling the web. My most important sources of inspiration and help were:

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